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April 20, 2013

glo mineral’s National Makeup Artist, Kate McCarthy, demonstrates how to emphasize hazel eyes in this easy to follow makeup tutorial. Products Used: Lid Prim…
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Question by James: What is the difference between methylated spirits and mineral terpentine?
Basically I want to use it to remove polish from a surface, I have heard that terps leaves an oily residue and meths evaporates cleanly. is that correct?

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Answer by Dune
Mineral turpentine
Methylated spirits

Turps will eventually dry out as well, but with both you have to know how they will react to what is under the polish, if it is a regular wax type polish.
If it is a varnish it will depend on the base of it or if it is french polisher a lacquer etc and what the future result you want to do with the surface

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