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April 18, 2013

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Question by Hyl: Nutritional information for nutritional yeast?
As a vegan in recovery from anorexia, I’m trying to incorporate more vitamin rich foods into my new diet regimen. One of the foods that has been recommended to me is nutritional yeast. I’ve tried looking for the nutritional information of it online, but I can’t find any. I need to know it all: how much is a serving, as well as the content of calories, fat, and any vitamins and minerals it may contain. Please help!! I have to keep track of all of this stuff.

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Answer by kurvantidevidasi
B4 i aanswered i did a little research for us. o.k. been using “Kal Nutritional Yeast” for 25 yrs. it is the Best & tastey – not mediciney. found a great place that has what you’re asking for-i.e. nutritional factn’stuff about yeast.
go to: Seacoast – put in Kal Nutritional Yeast flakes, go to bottom of page as you scroll down you’ll see a chart – wha-la your info & mine this is the best! hope this helps 🙂 p.s. – i hope you get well fast!

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